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How to pick a good Orange Squeezer

When it comes to juicing it is really important what kind of juicer you will pick. I personally enjoy a big glass of fresh orange juice in the morning so when it came to choosing the right orange squeezer machine it became quite a daunting and difficult task. I have been drinking fresh and nutritious juice but how do I know that the orange juicer machine I am using is good enough to produce a good amount of good and nice fresh juice?


Like many of the buyers out there on the market I had no clue what is the difference between a juicer and what is the difference between an actual orange squeezing machine. Low and behold there is quite a big difference. For the traditional juicer you are looking at something for vegetables like carrots, broccoli, and a combining with other fruits that require chopping and cutting. While for an orange juice machine it is quite different. How is different? Orange juice squeezers focus on citrus juicing technology. Quite often these have a different approach to juicing.

How is an orange juice maker different?

Basically when it comes to an orange juice maker you are simply cutting the orange in half and placing it upon a cone where the orange will be juiced. In a juicer machine you toss all the chopped elements into a juicer in order to make juice out of the chopped vegetables and fruits. As you can see in the picture above the orange is simply cut in half and placed on top of the cone to get a nice fruit juice.

Picking a good Orange juice squeezer

When picking a good orange juice machine you want to make sure that the orange juice machine is easy to operate and easy to clean. I always make sure that the cone is detachable and after reading some of the best orange juice machine reviews I realized that I really like the Jupiter model. The model has a great and awesome easy function ability to squeeze the most nutritios and best juice out of an orange. You can basically squeeze an orange completely dry in order to get the best out of it and it is made super simple. We had no problems in making a nice tall glass of fresh squeezed orange juice which tasted very nice. I really liked how the pulp was not too much, in my juice I like smooth and sweet juice without much pulp.

In my professional opinion it is very important to choose the right orange juice machine with the best of research. Read alot of orange juice squeezer reviews and how to and you should be able to easily choose a good orange juice squeezer. I like the orange juice maker I chose as it is very efficient and powerful and It was really good when it came to juicing fresh squeezed orange juice out of the orange. I recommend the Jupiter model to anyone serious for juicing.



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