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How to juice fresh orange juice

Over the past year or so juicing fresh orange juice has become a normal thing to do in everybody household. We sometimes try so hard to make fresh juice but we really don’t know how to make fresh orange juice without using the proper electric orange juicerWhen we look around on the market to make fresh cup of orange juice there is tons of different methods, from commercial orange juice makers, to manual orange squeezers, and our favorite electric orange juicer machines. All of these are different and must be taken seriously before making a purchase and figuring out what kind of orange juice maker will work for you.



How to choose a good electric orange juicer

To choose a good electric orange juicer machine you need to make sure you do a lot of research into what you are about to buy. There are many different items out there that may confuse you initially which is why it is a good idea to first and foremost do your homework and look into all the different aspects of what kind of juicer you want to buy. Make sure that the juicer you buy has enough watts and power to squeeze any fruit and make it have all the juice come out in an easy and good manner. If a juicer does not have enough of power it will eventually cause problems in the long run which will be beyond your control and cause you to waste time and money.

Also you want to make sure that it is easy to clean the juicer. If you do not clean the juicer then you will run into a lot of problems. Why? Because not cleaning a juicer will cause the juicer to clog op, and when oranges are squeezed they leave behind a lot of pulp and peels which will cause the juicer to slow down in the future and eventually stop working. Make sure that you have a good idea of how the juicer works and make sure to take it part and clean it. I like to make sure that the juicer parts are dishwasher safe. One of my favorite juicers to use in this case is the juiceman jm8000s which is a great juicer when it comes to clean up and handy work. The thing is if you are not keeping your juicer clean you might as well stop and give up and move on to something else. This is a very important aspect and must be taken seriously if you want to get the best out of your juicer.


Also you want to make sure you use fresh and healthy fruits for your juice. I always go to the store and buy organic oranges to make sure that they produce the freshest and best juice for my family. Many fruits today are doused with pesticides and other disgusting chemicals which I believe we should not be consuming. If you are consuming these chemicals you may run into health problems later on which will cause you and your family problems. I go to the local farmer market to make sure I get the freshest oranges for squeezing and then I put them into the electric orange juicer for the best results. Many people are under the impression that any kind of fruit will work, this is not true. Make sure to go buy organic fruits and then also look at the size of the fruit and make sure that they have enough nutrients and size for the making.

Squeezing Fresh Orange Juice

When you have your orange juice maker ready and the fruits ready at your side. Make sure to wash all the citrus fruits, and then peel them. Some orange juice making machines don’t require any kind of peeling, so it really depends on what kind of unit you have. If you have the kind of machine that takes peels, then cut the citrus fruits in half and place them on the grinder of the juicer and simply press down. When you press down on the fruit the juice will get squeezed and come down the spout of the machine. When it comes out of the spout of the machine you will see that it is ready to drink. Once it is ready to drink you can give it to your family to start a healthy and nutritious day!



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