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Digital Pressure Cooker Review – Cuisinart CPC-600

Since many of our readers have been asking what kind of digital pressure cooker we use we decided to do a detailed review of our favorite model the Conair Cuisinart CPC-600 6 Quart 1000 Watt Electric Pressure Cooker.

When it comes to cooking indian cuisine having the best digital pressure cooker will make your life a million times easier. However with all the different models out on the market it is difficult to make a choice. So to make your life easier we will give you a break down of our current digital pressure cooker and the benefits and set backs in using it.


Digital Pressure Cooker- Model- Cuisinart CPC-600


Primary Features

  • Preicision thermostat with controlled pressure
  • Handles with cool-touch for safety
  • Simple and very east to read LED display with finger touch buttons.
  • 99 minute countdown timer with a flashing display
  • Pre-programmed setting for various cooking modes such as browning, warming, steaming, simmering, and sauteing.
  • Nonstick¬† & dishwasher-free cooling pot with trivet

Pros of this Digital pressure cooker

For anyone who wants to have a simple and seamless solution to cooking and creating flavorful as well as healthy of dishes within a quick time period this is one of the best digital pressure cookers for the job. It reduces average cooking time down by 70% so it makes great for those of you who are working long hours and need to come home and throw together one of our recipes!

The brand name in itself is a great benefit. Cuisinart is known for providing cooking equipment with its top priority being safety. We have all heard of pressure cooker disasters where they actually blow up while the person is not monitoring it- it happens quite often actually! With the Cuisinart digital pressure cooker you do not have to worry about this. The safety features in the Conair Cuisinart CPC-600 6 Quart Digital Pressure Cooker include a precision thermostat that takes care of controller settings as well as a cool touch on both handles on the sides of the unit, as well as a lid that seals completely shut with pressure. In the case when pressure has been released down to zero the digital pressure cooker turns of on its own, preventing food from being over cooked as well as saving you power.

Not only is it a safe item to use but it also looks nice in the kitchen with a brushed stainless steel finish and black matte for some detail it looks like a chiq and hip addition to your kitchen collection. When you hold it or touch it fingerprints don’t remain because the steel is actually fingerprint-proof.

Cleaning the cpc-600 is extremely easy the dishwater safe pot is easily removed which allows you to not have to clean the entire unit. Cleaning is only limited to the pot and the lid, instead of taking the entire pressure cooker apart like other models.

When it comes down to its operating functions the Cuisinart cpc-600 is very well rounded and versatile. With the pre-programmed settings cooking in a digital pressure cooker has never been easier. You and the family don’t have to stress you can simply choose between the different functions such as warming, sauteing, simmering, and browning. This makes it very efficient when making stews, soups, tender meets, custards, and prepping ingredients for our recipes!

The timer on this unit shows us a nice countdown on an easy to read LED display which shows us exactly how much time is left. Once the ingredients are thrown in and the lid is closed, you let this little beast take care of the rest and cook to perfection, not only that but it also can keep dishes warm for up-to an additional 12 hours.

You can watch the video below to see this digital pressure cooker in action.


Okay since we got all excited and don’t want to seem biased here we have to let you know about the cons because there are a few that you need to know about. Despite being easy to use we recommend that the Cuisinart cpc-600 be picked up by more experienced cooks. Why do we say that? Some pressure cookers though less effective are easier to use in the sense that it doesn’t require much preparation. However with this digital pressure cooker you have a little learning curve how to use the pressure valve on the unit in order to get it to function at its best. If you make a mistake with the pressure valve it can get frustrating to get the pressure cooker to work at its optimum levels. However this can be solved by guess what? Reading the manual.

In terms of PSI the cpc-600 has only 2 options for PSI which is 5 or 10, if you pick up a manual pressure cooker then your looking at around 15 PSI. In essence this isn’t much of a set back because lower PSI gives a safer alternative but it causes the heating to be a bit slower.

So what’s the call?

Since we actually own of these pressure cookers we would have to say it makes a great option for those of you who have been shopping around for one. Being priced at around $84 you really can’t go wrong with this unit. Yes it requires some getting used to in terms of the valve, but other than that the functions and safety on this unit make it one of the best digital pressure cookers we have used. We own a few different models since we are always cooking and coming up with recipes, and yes there are other alternatives, however for starters, novice cooks, and those with large families this will solve your problem. With its ability to save you money by power saving options and cooking anything from potatoes to an entire large meal of chicken and vegetables this definitely is a bargain!

Have you tried this unit? Let us know below in the comments about your thoughts or experience!



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