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Cuisinart 7117-16UR Review | Stainless Steel Roasting Rack

Our review of the Cuisinart 7117-16ur stainless steel roasting pan with with rack Review

We did several hours of research and testing in our kitchen with all kinds of vegetable and meat dishes and after all the testing we came to love the Cuisinart 7117 16-UR roasting pan.

This stainless steel roasting pan with with rack has become one of our favorite household roasting pans. One of the first dishes we tested this rack on was a whole chicken and the results were spectacular. The chicken came out juicy to perfection with a golden seared skin that was nice crisp.


Now this is how meat and poultry should be cooked to perfection!

The Cuisinart 7117 16-ur roasting pan with rack comes with strong and sturdy handles and a stable tri-ply construction which allows this pan to perform at its best. The pan itself is running at a price of $59.95 which is not bad at all for a small roasting pan with rack like this. Many other roasting pans can go for anywhere upwards the $80 range.


Is the Cuisinart 7117 16-ur roasting pan worth it?

Considering our home is the kitchen since most of our time and effort has gone into conjuring up recipes for our followers we need to have some of the best and efficient equipment around. When it comes to cooking and slow roasting we would have to say that this small roasting pan with rack has got to be one of the most efficient roasters we have used. The cuisinart 7117 16-ur can get a hell of a lot of different types of dishes done for you with amazing results. For example if you want to make a large batch of creamy lasagna this roaster is large enough to accommodate enough to make for a large gathering. If you want to make a roast turkey for Thanksgiving with vegetables and potatoes on the side it can accomadate for all the ingredients and some more making sure that everything gets roasted to golden crisp perfection. This is a huge timesaver for those of you who work full time jobs as this can get your food in and out to perfection without much of a hassle.

For those of you who cook indian cuisine like we do we know potatoes are a very important ingredient in many of our recipes. This cuisinart roasting pan can roast your potatoes until they are fluffy and soft on the inside and provide it a great nice consistency on the outside of crispiness. For Indian cooks this is especially important for biryani recipes as the potatoes sometimes make or break the meal. When it comes to other vegetables such as sweet potatoes, squash, carrots, or parsnips you can simply stuff all these vegetables onto the cuisinart roasting pan and get a roasted to perfection vegetable medley. If you ask me that is much more better than simply stir fry and it comes out great.

Anyone who is following a low carbohydrate diet or gluten free diet knows how difficult it is to always prepare vegetables and meat and how time consuming it can be. Not only that but a low carbohydrate diet can get boring and the cuisinart roasting pan changes this by delivering to you amazingly roasted juicy protein with roasted to perfection vegetables.

When it comes to making stock you can simply throw bones into the cuisinart roasting pan to roast the bones then simply transfer the bones to the stovetop to get a delicious and flavorful stock.

What we really love about the cuisinart 7117 16-ur is the fact that it can make food for a football stadium. Not really but you get the point, this stainless steel roasting pan with rack can feed many people from making large amounts of lasagna to tamale pie! This stainless steel roasting pan comes in handy when making dishes that require specific water-baths such as famous deserts like cheesecake or creme brulee, this works really well with dishes that require a water-bath because of the shallow receptacle where the water is steamed and the large handles on the side which allow it to stay sturdy and manageable.

What makes this Cuisinart roasting pan special?

When it comes to us we are really picky when shopping for kitchen wear as it is basically our livelihood. So in this cuisinart 7117 16-ur review we decided to highlight somethings that we look for when choosing a stainless steel roasting pan that will meet our standards. First and foremost we look for flameproof material, because at high temperatures what happens is gravy is produced and that can cause issues if you are using a pyrex or ceramic pan such as development of concentrate on the pan or also stains. This also occurs in nonstick and anodized aluminum pans.

So in this case we tend to choose stainless steel roasting pans because they are not only nice in looks but very easy to clean in order to keep your dishes in perfection.

We also look for size in a stainless steel roasting pan. The cuisinart 7117 16-ur is perfect when it comes to this, the pan is 16 inches long, 13 inches wide, and 3 and a half inches deep. This makes it perfect for any dish. IT can hold up to 24 pounds of a whole turkey, now that says alot!

We also look at how versatile the pan is, when you get  a roasting pan you want to see that it is able to operate easily on different levels. This specific stainless steel roasting rack is more heavier which ensures sturdiness on the stove top as well as more even heat distribution. In essence this has a large impact on your finished dishes and how the gravy will taste, if you don’t pay attention to this your gravy could end up having the taste of unwanted metals. This is another area where the cuisinart 7117 16-ur outshines other stainless steel roasting pans.

Another important factor of the roasting pan is the shape of the roasting pan. Specifically in this cuisinart 7117 16-ur review we made sure that this roasting pan is more practical. Considering the shape of the pan is rectangular you get more of an all purpose use while oval pans may just look attractive to the eye.

We also want the heat of the pan to reach all over. One of the features of this pan is radiant heat reaching this guarantees that what ever you are roasting caramelizes everywhere in the pan not just on the bottom of the pan. With many other roasters you may find that the ingredients on the bottom of the pan are more caramalized than the ingredients in the rest of the pan, however with the cuisinart 7117 16-ur this issue does not happen. Everything cooks evenly in the roasting pan.



Our Results- cuisinart 7117-16ur review

When it came down to it we tested a few different recipes to see what kind of results we got. One test we did was to see how we can cook meat without preparing it much. This was to see if this is viable stainless steel roasting pan for those of you guys who are busy. So we basically took a 22 pound thawed turkey rinsed up a little bit added salt and pepper and boom put it the cuisinart stainless steel rack. We simply roasted it on 350 degrees without doing anything much at all, no moving, or rotating, nothing at all. After the dish was done roasting we looked at how even and cooked the turkey was. We found that the meat was perfectly cooked all around despite us not doing much to it, the meat was juicy and heat was distributed evenly since there was no area that was under or over cooked.

This really was one of the deal breakers as all of you know how stressful it is to cook a Turkey! After that we tested a plethora of other ingredients and we got the same spectacular results.

Conclusion- Cuisinart 7117-16ur Review

When it comes down to it the Cuisinart 7117-16UR Chef’s Classic Stainless 16-Inch Rectangular Roaster with Rack is quite possibly the best bang for your buck stainless steel roaster pricing in at $59.95. It provides great value and versatility which is not found in other stainless steel roasting racks within the same price range. The only other pan that can possibly preform at a similar value would be the All-Clad Flared Roaster, however that unit is priced at $200. The reviews and ratings on Amazon pretty much speak for itself as a 4.8 rating with over 263 reviews!

Do you own this stainless steel roasting pan? Let us know below if you have any comments or questions.




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