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Chicago Cutlery Reviews Insignia2 Knife set

Today we are going to review one of our most used tools in the kitchen the chicago cutlery insignia2 knife set. This set of pristine knives are great for slicing and dicing your way to perfect kitchen artwork. So let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of this knife set. This is one of the first of many chicago cutlery reviews we will probably be doing so be prepared as this is one of our favorite household brands!

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 review

First and foremost this knife set is a great beginner set for those of you who are just getting accustomed to the kitchen or even for those of you who are looking to simply add to their collection of kitchen knives.

The chicago cutlery insignia2 knife set includes 3 varying sizes utility knives, one santoku, shears, 2 parers, a boning knife, bread knife, forged steak knives and a slicer. This is ideally one of the best combinations for you to have in a knife set. The knfie set comes with a 17 slot storage block which includes a built in sharpener within each slot which will keep your knives nice and sharp ready to slice and dice when needed. This is what keeps this set as such a long term item it practically never gets old or blunt. If we weren’t such shopaholics when it came to kitchen equipment this would probably be one of the only sets we would need even with our intense recipes!

Also as a disclaimer we want to let you guys know these knives are sharp, and when we say sharp we mean sharp so do pay attention when you are chopping away at onions and chilis we don’t want anything to happen to your fingers! To give you an idea we were able to cut an over ripe tomato (the soft mushy ones) paper thin without much effort.

When it comes to the grip of the chicago cutlery insignia2 knife set you feel completely in control. The grip on these bad boys is amazing. We never had any issues about the knives slipping from our hands while chopping at a fast speed and it was almost to the point that the knife would not slip at all whenever we would cut.

In terms of craftsmanship and build this model of the Chicago cutlery set is made out of high carbon steel. Now all though this is all fine and dandy high carbon steel does have potential of rusting when left in water. So make sure not to leave this knife set in water to keep them as brand new as when you first opened them. Obviously rusting does not happen until after a very long period but this is general advice when getting any high carbon knife set.

The way these high quality knives are forged is basically out of a single piece of metal which give it a nice shape, and the handle is made out of poly. Reading the chicago cutlery reviews on the buyers section of the amazon website actually is one of the reasons why we bought this set back then it had hundreds of 5 star ratings and still does!


Chicago Cutlery Reviews Insignia2 Knife set- Cons

Now all though we love this knife set especially for the kind of cooking we do specifically vegetarian which requires alot of chopping and slicing, there are some cons when it comes to the chicago cutlery insignia2 knife set.

First and foremost this knife set is NOT a professional knife set, which by the way professional knife sets can run you anywhere over $700+ and can give your budget a deep hit. These knives work exactly as they are priced which is in the $170 range, so you get what you pay fore which is a mid range beginner set. In any case if you are not a professional chef there is not much of a reason as to why you would need a professional knife set.

If you are looking for a German forged steel knife set this is not for you, those knife sets are well over $1,500 but again at that price there is a noticeable difference in price as those knife sets tend to preform alot better. We can confidently say for the affordable price of $170 we got exactly what we paid for in terms of performance nothing more or nothing less.

The chicago cutlery insignia2 knife set does have a tendancy to rust if left in the water. This is why we reccomend you not to be careless with any high carbon knife set as it is not only limited to this model. IF you are experiencing rust it is highly due to this reason. So after washing we usually dry immediately with a kitchen towl and place them right back in their block where they belong if they aren’t chopping away!


Conclusion Chicago Cutlery Reviews – Insignia2 Knife set

We purchased this knife set almost a year ago and we still them use to this day. They preform just as they did when we first bought them because of the intricate sharpening system in their parking blocks. When it comes to a knife set that you need for long term this is the knife set you need. Again it is not for those of you who are professional chefs but it gets the job done and more which makes it great for beginner and mid-range chefs. All though we classify ourselves as being in the professional sector of cooking we still use this set. For the price of $174 it really is a steel!

Are you an owner of the chicago cutlery insignia2 set? Comment below and let us know what you guys think!





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